Advisory. People from across Quebec Gather Tomorrow to Welcome Refugees at two Locations

Media Advisory

People from across Quebec will Gather Tomorrow to Welcome Refugees at two Locations

Saturday, 19 May at 1:00 pm: Press Point at Champlain–St. Bernard de Lacolle Border Crossing

People from different parts of Quebec, including the Montérégie, will rally at two different locations tomorrow to send a welcome message to refugees crossing at Roxham Road.

Organizers of an anti-immigrant rally aimed at intimidating people crossing the border were forced to change their location yesterday in response to the counter-rally called by local and Montreal-based organizations supporting migrants.

The refugees welcome / anti-racist rallies will take place at both Roxham Road and the regular border post at Lacolle. This is to ensure that no refugees are harassed at either site. The festive and colourful rallies will begin at 11am and continue as long as the racists maintain their xenophobic and hate-filled presence. Live music, activities for children, art workshops, and discussion groups on various topics are planned throughout the day.


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