Advisory Press Conference Temporary Placement Agency Workers Launch report: Employers systematically violate CSST laws.

Advisory: Press conference Temporary Placement Agency Workers Launch report: Employers, and Agencies systematically are in violation of CSST laws. Montreal, April 20, 2016 – A report will be launched today by the Temporary Agency Workers Association(TAWA), which will publicly highlight the personnel stories of numerous temporary agency workers who experienced violations of their health and safety rights, and the causes of systemic neglect and abuse by both employers and Temporary Placement Agencies, will be unveiled at a press conference this morning. The report is entitled: *Reimbursement of work boots: a basic right violated,* the document denounces that many employers routinely violate – and harmless – to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (CSST). Workers will be on hand to share their experiences as employees of temporary placement agencies hired to work in different warehouses, and sectors. What: Press Conference organized by the Temporary Agency Workers Association Time: 10 am Where: 4755 Van Horne Avenue, Suite 110 Why: Unveiling a report on employer abuse of Temporary Agency Workers. *About The report* The report consists of testimonies from workers, and employers, and an analysis of thirty intervention reports made by the CSST, which we had access too following several requests for access to information from the CSST. In summary, the report states that workers who are both employees of temporary agencies, and recent immigrants are particularly vulnerable to all forms of abuse: they know little about their rights, and are reluctant due to pressures, and fear to submit CSST complaints. Finally, since the Labour Standards, Equity, Health and Safety Commission (CNESST) is well aware of the systemic neglect by both agencies and employers to apply the most basic CSST requirements and laws. We feel the lack of enforcement by CSST itself is also responsible for the abuse of agency workers by employers, and that the CSST is responsible for ensuring that employers and agencies meet the basic standards of employment health and safety. Jacques Dago, who worked for years in a warehouse through a temporary placement agency, and now involved at the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) explains: “The report talks about the barriers that prevent us from defending our rights. We hope the CNESST take the report into consideration and that changes will soon be made. It is urgent to regulate the agencies and monitor their practices. ” Patrice Benoit, treasurer of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal-CSN, the report explains the systemic discrimination faced by temporary placement agencies workers who are recent immigrants. “It is imperative that the government act to ensure that its own laws are applied, regardless of the employer or employee.” TAWA considers it essential that the public and policy makers aware of the many abuses that are subject immigrant workers who have no choice in the vast majority of cases, to find a job through an agency of staffing. – thirty – Source: Temporary Placement Agency Workers Association Contact: Immigrant Workers Centre 514-342-2111 Mostafa Henaway 514-659-0106 This is the English-language newswire for social justice groups in Montreal. To subscribe to the French-language newswire, send a message to To unsubscribe from this list, send a message to