Advisory. Rock ‘n Roma III, A Concert in support of the Lakatos Family’s Fight against Deportation

Media Advisory

Rock 'n Roma III, A Concert in support of the Lakatos Family's Fight against Deportation

Monday, June 20th
doors at 7pm
Patro Vys, 356 Mont-Royal East

June 20 is World Refugee Day. To mark this occasion, Romanipe and Solidarity Across Borders present a benefit concert to support a Roma family's struggle against deportation. With the captivating music of Sergiu Popa, Dan Armeanca, Briga and Ihtimanska.


For centuries, the Roma people have been victims of violence, persecution and discrimination. In contemporary Europe, Neo-Nazi groups openly target Roma people. To escape the oppression, many Roma have come to seek refuge in Canada. However, the Canadian government has refused to recognize the very real persecution of the Roma people in Europe. Under the previous government, Roma were depicted as “bogus refugees”, undeserving of protection; and measures aiming to restrict the acceptance of Roma claimants were introduced. A recent study examining the cases of 10 000 Hungarian refugee claimants found that racist stereotypes of Roma people had become “enshrined” in Canada's refugee determination process.

Such policies had a direct impact on the Lakatos family, who sought asylum in Canada in 2011 to escape the racism and discrimination they experienced as ethnic Roma in Hungary. After many years of struggle to stay in Canada – which saw the deportation of the father and son – Katalin and Gilda Lakatos were ordered deported on 12 May 2016. The two women went public with their story and obtained the support of numerous individuals and organizations who called on the government to stop their deportation. On the eve of their deportation, they were given a two-month reprieve: a temporary residence permit. Their partial victory won't be complete until the family receives a positive response on their humanitarian application. Only this will allow the family to be reunited in Canada.



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