Anti-racist mobilization against La Meute this Sunday in Quebec City / Anti-fascists mobilizing from Montreal

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Anti-immigrant group La Meute, with links to Charlottesville neo-Nazi protest, attempting to demonstrate in Quebec City this Sunday.

Anti-racists & anti-fascists are mobilizing to oppose La Meute, as well as other far-right demonstrations in North America.

August 18, 2017 — Montreal Antifasciste, a local anti-fascist, anti-racist network, is encouraging anti-fascists to mobilize to Quebec City this Sunday against La Meute, while also sharing widely with the public the fact that at least one important La Meute member proudly attended the white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville.

Based on the work of anti-fascist activists behind-the-scenes, the presence of Quebec-based racists has been exposed in the mainstream media:

-> La Presse: Charlottesville: des Québécois parmi les radicaux:
-> Montreal Gazette: Fallout from Charlottesville protests comes home to Quebec

At least one high-level, now former, member of La Meute was among the far-right racists in Charlottesville. This is not not surprising as La Meute is a far-right, anti-immigrant group itself. Here in Quebec the group has worked with the Soldiers of Odin (a group founded by neo-nazis in Finland), the anti-immigrant Storm Alliance, and the one-person Mouvement Républicain du Québec whose leader is an avid promoter of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about plots to enact “white genocide”.

Regarding the La Meute member spotted in Charlottesville, according to La Presse: "Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald, membre important du groupe La Meute … était modérateur de la page anglophone du groupe sur Facebook. Les nouvelles recrues devaient lui envoyer une demande formelle pour rejoindre la page privée de l'organisation.' [tr: "Shawn Beauvais-Macdonald, an important member of La Meute … was the moderator of the English facebook page of the group. New recruits had to send him a formal request to join the private page of the group."]

Because of the clear link between this high-level La Meute member and violent neo-Nazis being exposed in the media, La Meute has "suspended" Beauvais-MacDonald to try to maintain its public image.

Despite the murder of an anti-racist protester in Charlottesville at a demonstration attended by at least one senior La Meute member, La Meute is still attempting to demonstrate in Quebec City (at a currently undisclosed location) this Sunday. It is in Quebec City where less than seven months ago an individual murdered six people inside a mosque in a context of fear and Islamophobia encouraged by groups like La Meute.

La Meute is protesting in opposition to the arrival of mainly Haitian migrants to Quebec and Canada, playing into false and discredited racist fears about migrants leaving the anti-immigrant climate in Donald Trump's USA. Their demonstration is happening on the same weekend that far-right and white-supremacist groups are organizing protests in the USA (source: La Meute's demonstration this Sunday in Quebec City is clearly part of a broader surge in  far-right, racist ideas and organizations throughout North America.

-> Local Quebec City groups are planning a counter-demonstration; info:

-> Montreal-area anti-fascists are attending; info:

Source: Montreal Antifasciste: United Against Racism, Patriarchy and Colonialism