Anticapitalist Mayday Protest in Montreal

Anticapitalist Mayday Protest

They are rich because we are poor and we are right to revolt!


Meetup: May 1st, 2017 at 6PM at Phillips Square (McGill metro) in Montreal


Montreal, April 29th, 2017- The Anticapitalist convergence (CLAC-Montreal) organizes, for the ten straight year, the anticapitalist mayday protest. This year, the International Workers’ Day protest outlines our campaign on poverty and precarity named “they are rich because we are poor and we are right to revolt!”.


We will walk again within the Golden Square Mile with the objective to disturb the financial and commercial centre of Downtown Montreal. This is where bank and corporate headquarters are hunkered, surrounded by luxury hotels, restaurants and  private clubs where the rich mingle and scheme. Where this “elite” of vultures decide how we should live our lives, while maintaining us in misery and precarity.  


Whether it is austerity, zero deficit, reducing public spending, “rationalizing” social services or neoliberalism, it is the same capitalist logic which gets worse and worse each and every year, here and everywhere, to the profit of the same corporate overlords. The result is always the same: ecosystem destruction, land pillaging, job insecurity, wealth inequality, border closing, community and ethnic marginalization, etc.


To make things worse, in the next months, the reactionary governments of Montreal and Canada will celebrate in opulence and with millions of dollars the realizations of what they call their “nation” and their “city”: gentrification and “security” on one end, and  colonialism and unbridled economic development on the other. All this in an atmosphere of corruption and nepotism at every level of government.


Other actions are planned throughout the day, including a protest from the east-end of Montreal, which will meet us in the Golden Square Mile (start at 5:30PM from the Frontenac metro station).

On this MayDay, we won’t let the capitalists steal one more of our days for their profit: this day is ours, we own it!


Down with capitalism!



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