April 21: Let’s disturb the the National Bank’s general assembly !

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Let’s disturb the the National Bank's general assembly !

They are rich because we are poor!



When: Friday, April 21st at 9AM

Where: Corner of de la Gauchetière and Beaver-Hall, Montréal



Montreal, April 19th 2017- As part of its campaign “They are rich because we are poor… and we're right to revolt!”, the Anticapitalist convergence (CLAC-Montreal) organizes a protest in Montreal this Friday, April 21st.


Every spring sees the same masquerade: our rich local overlords crawl out of their tropical lairs in order to attend the capitalist quintessence that is the annual shareholder meeting. The National Bank of Canada (NBC) always holds it at it's headquarters near the Square Victoria and other fraudsters’ monuments like the infamous Stock Exchange Tour and the Centre de commerce mondial. 


The fat shareholders will split among themselves their most recent profits: over 1.2 billions dollars of ill-gotten gains. In 2016, the revenues of the “smallest” Canadian bank was of 5.8 billions of dollars on total assets of 400 billions! Without any surprise, the NBC only payed 114 millions of dollars in taxes this year, an effective rate of 1.95%! What a scam!


Many notorious profiteers sit on its board of directors, among them Raymond Bachand, ex-minister of Charest who turned public fund embezzler for the Quebec Inc., like Bombardier, as well as André Caillé, propagandist in chief for fossil fuel extraction in Quebec.


Tax evasion, dirty energy financing, multimillionaire administrators, aggressive lobbyists: the NBC represents  exactly everything we reject.


Let’s remind them that this money, they took it from our pockets! Let’s expose the banks’ constant pillaging by disturbing the shareholders of the NBC!


Our pockets are empty, those of the banks are overflowing! Let’s go get the money where it can be found!




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