Bissan Eid still stuck in Gaza- she needs support, not discrimination from the Canadian government


Bissan Eid still stuck in Gaza, she needs support, not discrimination from the Canadian government.



Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made very public pronouncements about diversity being Canada’s “strength” and the fundamental humanity of all Canadians despite origin or religious background. Yet, Canadian citizens Bissan and her baby Sarah, remain stuck in Gaza under Israeli siege. This is a profound illustration of the double-standard of citizenship that the Canadian government applies.

We are calling on the Liberal government and Trudeau to take action in Bissan’s case by intervening directly to resolve this urgent crisis.

What: Press conference to call on the Government of Canada to support Bissan Eid’s struggle to return to Canada

Who: Hadi Eid, Bissan Eid’s father

Chedly Belkhodja, Principal of the School of Community and Public Affairs

Kimberley Manning, Principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Sophia Sahrane, Academic and Advocacy Coordinator at the Concordia Student Union

Kevin Gould, Professor for the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment

Ishani Ghosh, Administrative Coordinator for the Centre for Gender Advocacy

Yassin “Narcy” AlSalman, Artist and Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts

When: Thursday, June 1st at 10:00 a.m.

Where: 2149 Rue Mackay

Why: Appeal for government intervention to bring home Bissan and Sarah and to denunciate the systemic racism keeping the two from leaving Gaza.


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