Commemoration to demand justice for the girls and adolescents disappeared on International Women’s Day in Guatemala.

Montreal, Quebec

March 20, 2017

Commemoration on March 18 to demand justice for the girls and adolescents disappeared on International Women's Day in Guatemala.

In Montreal, we are in solidarity with the girls and adolescents killed in the Virgen de la Asunción “Safe House” in Guatemala. We are in mourning with you and demand justice from Guatemalan authorities. We also call on the international community to denounce this violence.

The Guatemalan state knew of the violence that the girls were being subjected to, including the emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The Guatemalan state knew the horror they were living and did nothing. 

They were burned and the state continues to do nothing. But, we are here and we are not going to be silent.

We unite in one voice to denounce the whole violent system, from the shelter to the repressive state, to the international organizations whose silence is complicity.

It's important to remember the lives that were taken too soon, on the International Day of Women no less. To remember their lives is also to remember their struggle, their assertion of their rights, and that this struggle is one among many. This violence and violation of human rights, specifically of girls and women, is a symptom and continues. Our struggle is united with yours and your justice with ours.

This is not an isolated case and we can't be silent, nor allow impunity for this violence.

Vivas nos queremos, libres nos queremos. En amor y rabia y solidaridad con ustedes y con todas.

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