Federal Court Refuses Stay of Deportation of Lucy Granados: Single Mother’s Fate now in Hands of Hussen and Goodale

Federal Court Refuses Stay of Deportation of Lucy Granados: Single Mother’s Fate now in Hands of Hussen and Goodale

Montreal, 12 April — The Federal Court just refused to stay the deportation of Lucy Francineth Granados. Lucy is a single mother of three who has lived in Montreal for 9 years and faces deportation to Guatemala tomorrow morning.

The only remaining domestic recourse for Lucy is a direct intervention by either the federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen or the federal Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale.

Minister Hussen has the legal obligation to make a decision on Lucy’s application for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, which was duly filed in September 2017.

“Well-documented information has been presented directly to Minister Hussen about the best interests of Lucy’s children and about Lucy’s fragile health. Despite this information and appeals from across the country – including tens of thousands of calls and emails – to simply look at Lucy’s file and make a decision, Hussen has so far failed to show any compassion towards this migrant mother. We ask him to do so now.” said William Van Driel of Solidarity Across Borders.

Minister Goodale has the legal power to suspend the deportation until there is a decision from his colleague on Lucy’s file.

“The Minister Goodale has refused to stop the deportation. Why is he afraid to stop the deportation so that Lucy’s humanitarian application can be studied? Why is he afraid to allow this woman to have a life of security and dignity and to be able to provide for her children?” said Viviana Medina of the Immigrant Workers Center.

A complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission detailing CBSA violence against Lucy was filed yesterday on Lucy’s behalf. Excerpts can be read here: https://bit.ly/2HtXuxq. The complaint may not go forward if Lucy is forcibly removed from Canada. Earlier legal abuse in Lucy’s file is not included in the complaint because of the narrow framework of the CHRC.


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