Guinean Community demand an end to deportations to Guinea

The Committee Guineans in Support of Status for All calls on the government to stop all deportations to Guinea


Media callout for press conference:

When: Tuesday May 23 at 10am

Where: the Immigrant Workers Center

4755 Van Horne, bureau 110

Montréal, QC, H3W 1H8

Since last December, the requests for asylum made by numerous members of the Guinean community in Montreal have been refused in mass. Those refused, who are facing threats of deportation, registered in a context where deportations to Guinea were slowed due to the Ebola epidemic from 2013 to 2016. They coincide equally with the strong establishment of the Canada-Guinea Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, the 27th of last March.

Over the course of years, Guineans today being threatened by deportations have built profound links with the communities where they live. The autonomous action committee Guineans in Support of Status for All has brought together members of the Quebecois Guinean community in Montreal for five to six years. They work, have a social network and actively take part in their community, but now they are facing threats of losing all they have created here.Moreover, the sociopolitical context in Guinea is such that these individuals fear being forced to return. In effect, the organization Human Rights Watch reports on a high unemployment rate, the presence of organized crime and regional insecurity in Guiney, as well as human rights violations on behalf of the police and the judicial system.

“No one wants to be a refugee. It is because people have problems in their countries, whether collective or personal, that they are left with no choice but to flee and become refugees. “Mohamed Barry, member of the committee Guineans in support of status for all

Although Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government claimed to be open to refugees, the opposite of Donald Trump in the United States, the threat of deportation for Guineans living in Canada for many years proves that this was nothing but lip service. If the Canadian nation really welcomed refugees, it is paramount that the Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, uses the power vested in him to stop this injustice and halt these deportations.

We demand:

1.      Status for all Guinean refugees in Canada, immediately

2.      The end of deportations to Guinea

 For more information:

Immigrant Workers Centre: 514-342-2111

Interview with Mostafa on the campaign