January 29th. We Refuse to Forget. Neighbourhood Rallies against Islamophobia in Montreal.

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January 29th. We Refuse to Forget. Neighbourhood Rallies against Islamophobia in Montreal.

Monday, 29 January

Verdun: 5pm in front of Verdun Metro
Plateau Mont Royal: 5pm in front of Mont Royal Metro
Villeray: 5:30pm in front of Jean Talon metro (exit Tour Jean Talon)

January 29th, 2018 marks one year since 6 men were killed and 19 wounded at the Grande Mosquée de Québec in an act of racist hatred against Muslims. Under the banner, "We Refuse to Forget; We Reject Islamophobia," rallies are being organized on 29 January in several Montreal neighbourhoods.

The attack on the Grande Mosquée de Québec was not an isolated event, but a reflection of mounting anti-Muslim racism in Quebec. Many Muslims have experienced discrimination, harassment, physical attacks, and insults on the streets and at work. Other mosques and Muslim schools have been vandalized.

This anti-Muslim racism has been fueled by political initiatives such as the public forums on "reasonable accommodation," the introduction of the "Charte des valeurs," and Bill 62. The cancellation of the planned commission on systemic racism, the outrageous refusal of the Parti Québecois and the Coalition Avenir Québec to acknowledge the attack on the Grande Mosquée as an act of Islamophobia, and the failure of Premier Philippe Couillard, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, and Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume to recognize 29 January as a day of action against Islamophobia are symptomatic of the complicity of political leaders. Quebec's media outlets have also played a significant role in spreading racist misinformation and fear. In this context, explicitly anti-Muslim, far-right groups have been able to march openly in our streets.

The climate in Québec is not unique. In much of the Western world, Muslims are being targeted. They are treated as scapegoats as austerity measures are implemented; as "outsiders" who don't share "our values" in re-assertions of white supremacy; and as "security threats" to justify closing national borders and to conceal the economic interests in imperialist wars.

Ibrahima Barry
Mamadou Tanou Barry
Khaled Belkacemi
Abdelkrim Hassane
Azzedine Soufiane
Aboubaker Thabti

We refuse to forget. We reject Islamophobia.


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