Kurdish Family Facing Deportation in Six Days: Federal Court Rules that Immigration Canada may have Wrongly Evaluated Risk

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Kurdish Family Facing Deportation in Six Days: Federal Court Rules that Immigration Canada may have Wrongly Evaluated Risk

Montreal, 16 November 2016 — A Kurdish family facing imminent deportation learned yesterday that the Federal Court has agreed to review an evaluation of the risk they face in Turkey on the grounds that Immigration Canada may have made an error. The Federal Court hearing to review the evaluation will take place on February 2nd, 2017. However, Yilmaz and Cigdem Ince and their three-year old Canadian daughter Sarya are slated for deportation on 22 November.

"We would like Canadian authorities to look at our situation again on the basis of the present situation of Turkey, which is even worse than when the risk was evaluated in May 2016, on the basis of the Federal Court's decision to review the risk assessment, and finally on a humanitarian basis," said Yilmaz Ince.

The couple have lived in Montreal for almost 5 years. They have one daughter, 3-year old Sarya, who has had to stop her daycare education because of the looming deportation. Cigdem Ince is 5-months pregnant with the couple's second child and her pregnancy is considered to be at risk.

As international media has reported, the situation in Turkey is rapidly deteriorating. Due to the recent political clashes, suicide bombings, and the Turkish regime's rapid descent into dictatorship, not only Kurds, but other members of minority groups, and any perceived opponent to government policies is in danger. Kurdish political leaders, judges, teachers, academics, journalists and anyone fighting for his or her rights are arrested and silenced by various means. Ethnic religious, and sexual discrimination are growing every day in Turkey.

"We just want to live in peace and harmony without any ethnic discrimination or massacres. We need your dear help and consideration for us please." said Yilmaz Ince.

On Monday, the Kurdish Foundation of Quebec organized a rally in support of the family outside the Montreal Immigration Canada offices. Dozens of supporters gathered to deliver letters and documents asking federal Minister of Immigration John McCallum to intervene to stop the deportation.


Source: Fondation Kurde du Québec

Contact: Isa Salim 514 236 8686

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