Lucy Francineth Granados Video Released to Mark Mother’s Day, One Month after her Deportation

Lucy Francineth Granados Video Released to Mark Mother’s Day, One Month after her Deportation

Guatemala City/Montreal, 13 May 2018 — A video of Lucy Francineth Granados recounting her arrest, detention and deportation was released today to mark Mother’s Day. The video was taken in Guatemala City shortly after Lucy’s deportation, one month ago today.

“So many of us undocumented mothers struggle for our children. At the same time, we are not able to have our children with us. We suffer difficult moments living without them. For all the mothers who struggle for the same thing, I ask that they look at our cases. Finally, I thank all those who are doing everything possible, so we can have better futures.” said Lucy Granados today from Guatemala.

“Lucy’s efforts to support her children – putting her own life at risk to take the infamous “death train” (la bestia) across Mexico, crossing three national borders, living a precarious existence as an undocumented woman in Montreal, courageously speaking out publicly for the rights of undocumented women and migrant workers – should be celebrated. She is truly a hero.” said Stacey Gomez, co-coordinator of Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network, who took the video. A delegation from the Maritimes recently visited Lucy to learn about the injustices she has faced and to share their solidarity.

“Lucy’s story illustrates the extraordinary risks that migrant mothers take for their families, and how the global systems of borders makes them vulnerable to the worst forms of exploitation and abuse and treats them with total contempt and violence.” said Amy Darwish of Solidarity Across Borders.

“The way they took me out … was not the way they should have done it. They took me out like they would take out a criminal – more than a criminal. I feel like I am not a criminal. I’ve never done anything for these people to treat me like that,” says Lucy in the video, referring to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Lucy was deported from Canada on 13 April 2018 through a hole in a fence behind the detention centre, with only the clothes on her back, and without her Guatemalan ID papers. She was deported despite widespread public support for her to remain in Canada and despite the fact that her application for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds had not been decided.

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Source:  Solidarity Across Borders