Media Advisory: Immigration Minister’s speech disrupted and cut short in Montreal today by protesters demanding cancellation of Safe 3rd Country Agreement & Open Borders

Media Advisory – For immediate release
Montreal, March 17, 2017 — A speech by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen was disrupted and cut short today in Montreal by migrant justice activists.

The activists unveiled an "Open the Borders" banner which was beside the Minister throughout the speech. The text of their flyer is included below, with the simple messages: Open the Borders; Cancel the Safe 3rd Country Agreement; Status For All! 
The Minister was constantly heckled during his speech. 

Video from the disruption (taken by conference organizers, who hide the banner) is linked here:

Two grainy photos have been posted on social media here:

The Non-Status Women's Collective also hand-delivered a letter to the Minister before he was introduced for his (disrupted) speech.

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[Text of flyer distributed during disruption of speech by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen today in Montreal at the Metropolis Conference.]




(March 17, 2017) Since the inauguration of Donald Trump there have been relentless attacks on the rights of migrants, particularly Muslim migrants, by the Trump administration. 

Despite the offensive against migrants, the Trudeau government still refuses to open the borders to refugees and undocumented migrants, or to cancel the regressive “Safe Third Country” Agreement with the USA, let alone consider a regularization of the more than 500,000 undocumented people living in Canada. Incredibly, with the recently proposed Bill C-23, the Trudeau government wants to expand the power of US border agents in Canada.

With their action and inaction, the Liberal government is sacrificing the rights of migrants and refugees, and normalizing Donald Trump, in order to try to preserve destructive corporate trade deals. In particular, Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has refused to consider or implement any sort of useful measures that would improve the lives of migrants and refugees. He is actively collaborating with the Trump administration on security and migration matters.

We are disrupting Minister Hussen today because the current political moment demands decisive actions, not empty talk and photo ops. 

Today, we demand that the Canadian government:

OPEN THE BORDERS! Allow access to all migrants fleeing travel bans, ICE raids and other attacks on their integrity as human beings. All human beings have the right to move, the right to remain, and the right to resist forced displacement.

CANCEL THE SAFE THIRD COUNTRY AGREEMENT! The USA is not a safe third country, and maintaining this agreement means that refugees leaving the USA need to enter Canada irregularly, which results in serious injuries, and will likely lead to deaths.

REGULARIZE ALL UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE IN CANADA! Canada too has a significant undocumented population, with up to 1 million people living without regular status. Canada must implement a comprehensive, inclusive and ongoing regularization program.

Welcome to all migrants and refugees!
No One Is Illegal! Stop the deportations!

Solidarity Across Borders

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