Media Context: The person who took the Parc Safari video is an open racist

Attention News Editors and Reporters

The individual responsible for Parc Safari prayer video is an unabashed racist

July 4, 2017, Montreal — Quebec media has recently been reporting on a news story about Parc Safari – a zoo south of Montreal – that allowed an independent group of Muslims to pray, following all the rules for groups visiting the site. The story has been provoked by the following 47 second video taken by someone with the youtube handle "guindon87". Their video is available here:

The person behind the youtube handle – guindon87 – is an open racist, who posted a video in May 2017 where she doesn't hesitate to use a racial epithet to describe a person of South Asian origin (Montreal community organizer Jaggi Singh). That video is available here: (in the video an individual clearly says "paki qui pue").

Parc Safari has issued a clear response to the hatred and racism provoked by this non-story:

All media outlets reporting on this story should know that the person responsible for the youtube handle "guindon87" is an unabashed racist.

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Source: Jaggi Singh

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