Montrealers hold a rally against the commercialization of Radio Centre-Ville

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Montrealers hold a rally against the commercialization of Radio Centre-Ville

Montreal, March 29, 2017 – Like other community radios, Radio Centre-Ville (RCV), is experiencing a financial crisis. However, the deficit is a democratic one. The administrators of the Radio have cancelled most of the shows produced by 150 volunteers (in 7 different languages) in order to make room for 14 airtime buyers that are interested in maximizing the profits they can make off the ads being broadcast. To go forward with the commercialization of the community radio, the de facto administrative board did not only get itself fraudulently elected during the organization’s last general assembly, they also hired a security guard to keep away the members and hosts that are denouncing the lack of transparency and the practices that don’t comply with the bylaws and regulations of RCV.

Authors, researchers and hosts that are volunteers and members of Radio Centre-Ville as well as Montrealers that feel concerned by the situation at Radio Centre-Ville will hold a large rally today at 5PM to underline the importance of community radio as a space for the expression of cultural diversity. As a matter of fact, since 1975 at 102.3 FM, there are broadcasts in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Mandarin and Creole about local, provincial, national and international news. The rally will be held to celebrate this heritage and to envision a positive future for community radios in general and for RCV in particular. Collective involvement and the democratization of the radio broadcasting system are topics that will be discussed at the rally. More than 70 organizations have signed a declaration of support regarding the actions undertaken by members of the radio.


At a time when the far right appears to be gaining ground everywhere and since the search for profit is being presented as the sole criteria for the survival of media organizations, community radio has become a fundamental way to ensure adequate participation of the most vulnerable communities in our society. Montrealers of all origins must make sure that media organizations are neither beholden to private interests nor end up becoming the property of a privileged few.    





Frantz André Trouillot : 514-898-5465

Javiera Araya : 514-991-8025



Rally in front of Radio Centre-Ville offices


Wednesday, March 29 at 5pm


Radio Centre-Ville, 5212 boulevard Saint-Laurent.