Multiple banners displaying solidarity with migrants and against borders!

Multiple banners displaying solidarity with migrants and against borders!

Montreal, April 29th 2016 – Only a few days preceding the anticapitalist mayday demo that is organized under the theme "
Against Imperialism, Racism, Borders and Colonialism," the Apatrides Anonymes and their friends and supporters orchestrated multiple bannerdrops in different neighborhoods in Montreal: Pointe St-Charles, Petite Patrie, Plateau Mont-Royal and Rosemont.

With this action, we want to denounce Canadian immigration policies. Aside from the special program we've seen during the past months welcoming a few thousand Syrian refugees, Canada continues to be restrictive, repressive and racist toward migrants, particularly closing the borders to asylum seekers, who are amongst the most vulnerable immigrants, over the last fifteen years.

We want to show our opposition to global capitalism. Through wars, land appropriation and environmental pillaging, global capitalism allows rich states and corporations to exploit resources and populations in the global South, as well as here, exploiting the dispossessed and displaced workers who seek refuge in the north. Often those who are not accepted as refugees become even more precarious and exploited undocumented migrants.

The fear of terrorism is used to further divide resistance, reviving xenophobia towards one part of the population, diverting the legitimate anger against the political and economic situation towards “the immigrant”.

This needs to stop immediately! From around the world we must unite against the capitalist and racist order. Against these attacks, we must respond with solidarity!

Status for All!


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