New borough mayor Christine Black refuses to commit to ending anti-Black racism in Montreal Nord

New borough mayor Christine Black refuses to commit to ending anti-Black racism in Montreal Nord 
Members of Montreal Noir, a new activist group, formed to combat systemic anti-Black racism in Montreal, confronted new Montreal-Nord mayor Christine Black last evening as she presided over her first borough meeting.  Following up from a press release April 20th aimed at the mayoral candidates, members of Montreal Noir returned as promised to ask Christine Black take a stand on anti-Black racism in Montreal Nord; and during the question period, four Black women from Montreal Noir brought forwards questions pushing Black to commit to their four demands, including
 1.  An end to racial profiling; particularly the proactive profiling of Black and other racialized persons in the neighbourhoods that they reside
2.  To make public the police report surrounding the death of Bony Jean-Pierre, an un-armed Black man shot and killed by the tactical squad of the SPVM on April 3rd, 2016, and to release the name of the officer who took his life.
3.  A moratorium on the forthcoming Bureau d’enquête indépendante, to-date largely made up of ex-police officers,  until it can be completely impartial; and replacing the DPCP (Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales) with a decisional jury.

4. A plan to end poverty; which explicitely addresses the systemic economic exclusion of Black and other populations; applying the anti-poverty plan created by Coroner Perrault after the public inquiry surrounding Fredy Villanueva's death in 2008.
The new mayor did not comment on racial profiling by the SPVM, and instead told Black audience members that they need to place their trust in the police. She further stated that she was sensitive to minorities – a term contested by a member of Montreal Noir- and knows that they face difficulties but that they be overcome; but refused to acknowledge the existence of the inequities faced by Black residents of her borrough.  She would not comment on the existence of anti-Black racism; stating she is a "mayor for everyone".  Numerous other Black Montreal-Nord residents were present to question Christine Black on the death of Bony Jean-Pierre; as well as the continued harassment of Black residents; but Black refused to extend question time by more than fifteen minutes citing protocal, so most were denied the ability to speak their concerns. 
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