placement agency workers to express dismay over their exclusion from the labor standards reform.



Press conference: placement agency workers to express dismay over their exclusion from the labour standards reform.


Members of the Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA) have a pessimistic outlook of what is to come out of the Ministry of Labour in the coming days. There has never been a meaningful process to consult with agency workers regarding the proposed reforms and many feel their voices are never taken seriously. TAWA, with a mostly immigrant worker membership, has been demanding meaningful changes in the Quebec labour laws since 2010.


According to the Department of Public Health, from 2009 to 2015, temporary employment grew almost three times faster than permanent jobs in Quebec and in the rest of the country.


TAWA spokesperson, Jacques Dago explains, “A mostly immigrant workforce is trapped in temp agency work due to lack of regulation and reform. They receive low wages, work in hazardous environments and are generally exploited. Temporary agency workers’ demands are not being heard.”



Press conference



Tuesday, March 20 at 10am.



Immigrant Workers Centre

4755 Van Horne Ave., suite 110, Montreal



Jacques Dago (TAWA spokesperson); David Bachand (IWC Volunteer and TAWA member), Jean Ronal Macius (Warehouse agency worker), and Margharita (Agency worker).



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