Press Advisory: Rally ! Stop the deportation of Guinean refugees from Canada !

Press Advisory

What:  Rally ! Stop the deportation of Guinean refugees from Canada ! 

When: Wednesday June 28th @ 5:30pm

Where: In front of Metro Mont-Royal , Montreal Quebec

Members of the Guinean community here in Quebec, who are facing deportation back to Guinea with allies and supporters will be holding a rally to demand an end to deportations back to Guinea.  The committee of Guineans for status for all are demanding that the members of the Guinean community should remain here with permanent status on humanitarian grounds. 

The members of the Committee who are facing deportation will be present to speak directly to the public and broader community about the plight they would face if they were to be deported.

As  Mohamed Barry a member of the committee and facing deportation back to Guinea  Call on the government of Canada to live up to its promise made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who said all those fleeing persecution are welcome here. "No one wants to be a refugee. It is because people have problems in their country, whether it is more personal or collective, that they have no choice to flee and become refugees. "Mohamed Barry, member of the Guinean Committee for All

We ask the Ministry of Immigration and the government than to allow these refugees from Guinea to be able to continue to their lives here with their communities and remain as permanent residents. 

For more information contact 

Mostafa Henaway 514-659-0106 , Immigrant Workers Centre 

Mohamed Barry : 438-995-5617

Guinéens pour un statut pour tous et toutes