Radio Centre-Ville will be occupied by members who dissent from the administration’s policies.

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Radio Centre-Ville will be occupied by members who dissent from the administration's policies.

Over the last few days the members of Radio Centre-Ville (a Montreal community and multilingual radio station in existence for over 40 years) have had to fight for access to microphones. Today, at 10 am, these members will pick up the microphones and will not let them go until the administration guarantees them their usual and legitimate transmission schedule demonstrating respect for the organization’s regulations. They demand the prompt scheduling of a special general assembly in which changes to programming can be discussed with all members.

It is well known that Radio Centre-Ville is going through a serious financial crisis; however, this crisis is also political. The sale of airtime to private interests contravenes directly the organization mandate, as well as the station's regulations. This has also created a hostile climate within the radio as there are confrontations between teams and the administration. A security guard has even been hired to prevent access to the studio to members coming to host their usual show. The management refuses to reverse its decisions and the members find themselves deprived of precious air time. "I've been running a show for 24 years and the administration has sold this space without giving any explanation to members," says Sergio Abel Mendez, a member of Radio Centre-Ville.

Faced with this situation, members of several radio linguistic teams are mobilizing today to enforce radio regulations and, above all, to reinforce the mission, mandate and democratic and associative spirit at the heart of the radio organization. The dissenting members invite the entire community and the radio listeners to express their solidarity, either by joining us this Sunday, November 13th, between 10 am and 2:30 pm at the Centre Interculturel l'Auditoire (5214, Blvd. St-Laurent), or by tuning on Radio Centre-Ville (102,3 FM). "We invite communities to come and defend the information spaces available in their own language," said Radio member Roberto Nuñez.

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