Rally to support a family facing deportation this week

Media Advisory

Rally to support a family facing deportation this week

Rally in front of Federal Court
30 McGill St., Montreal (Square Victoria Metro)

Wednesday, 27 August
Press Point outside court at 9am

Increasingly, Immigration Canada is separating families or deporting Canadian-born children with their parents.

The Khalifa family will be deported to Egypt on Friday, August 29th unless there is a last minute reprieve. Tarek and Samah Khalifa have lived in Canada for eight years and their two daughters, Sarah, age 8, and Aicha, age 6, are Canadians. Their extended family is also in Canada, and they have no network of support in Egypt. Tarek and Samah now face a terrible choice of bringing their daughters to a situation of violence and instability, where Sarah risks not receiving the medical care she needs – or leaving their girls behind.

[Sheila Sedinger will be deported to Mexico on Saturday August 30th unless there is a last minute reprieve. Sheila has lived in Canada for nine years and her two daughters, age 8 and 5, are Canadians. Her extended family is also in Canada and she has no network of support in Mexico. Sheila would not be able to bring her daughters with her to Mexico because of an ongoing custody case with the girls’ father.

The Federal Court will consider the family’s arguments for staying their deportation on Wednesday morning. This is their final legal recourse to stop their deportation.

Journalists are invited to hear from the family and their supporters on Wednesday morning before the court hearing.
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