Roma family’s deportation halted once again

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Roma family's deportation halted once again

Montreal, 5 August 2016 — Katalin Lakatos and her daughter Gilda, two Roma women who have been fighting their deportation for more than a year, once again received a last minute reprieve, escaping deportation for a third time. On Thursday last week, the family was told by CBSA that they would be deported on 11 August. Yesterday, they were told once again that they could stay – but only on a temporary basis, for an uncertain length of time. They continue their marathon fight against deportation, their lives still in limbo.

The family left Hungary to escape the rise of right-wing racism and violence against the Roma minority. When they were refused as refugees, they immediately applied for permanent residence in Canada on humanitarian grounds. They have been waiting for an answer to this application since September 2015.

Along with a growing number of supporters and allies, they are asking Minister McCallum to give them an answer on this application before they are forced to return to Hungary. He has so far refused to do so, but has not given any reasons for refusing.

However, just in advance of a deportation order in May, Minister McCallum did intervene to grant them a "temporary resident permit', a special visa for people in "exceptional circumstances". When this visa began to run out in June, with no sign of the long anticipated response to the humanitarian application, the family applied for a renewal of their temporary status.

The family now has what is referred to as "implicit status". They have neither the right to go to school nor to work and live in precarity and uncertainty.


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