The Launch of the first edition of the Antiracist Football Tournament in Montreal


On Friday, July 11 at 6pm, the first edition of the Antiracist Football Tournament in Montreal will kick-off. This event aims to spread a culture of solidarity, anti-racism and anti-fascism in the face of austerity policies that hit the hardest those who are systematically discriminated, exploited and impoverished.

In Canada, fundamental human rights are being violated by new reforms on immigration and refugee protection, as well as reforms to the Indian Act. Laws such as Bill C-31, C-38 and C-45 are evidence of the discrimination committed by the Canadian state. For its part, the Quebec government is no better with its “Plan Nord” and its Charter of Values. Its xenophobic statements highlight a non-inclusive political vision, which seeks to subdivide society into isolated cultural ghettos based upon American individualism.

In addition, the movement against the World Cup in Brazil shows us, once again, that the sport is subjected to financial lobbying and how this has disastrous consequences on local populations. In the face of the commodification of the sport, we are convinced that we must create social spaces and while expanding the opportunities to raise awareness and learn about discrimination.

The summer of 2014 is the ideal moment to demonstrate our solidarity with the Brazilian people and their social movements, to question the business behind the World Cup, while creating a social space and promoting antifascist struggles.

Press Conference
Wednesday July 9 at 7
Immigrant Workers Centre
4755 Av Van Horne, Montréal, QC H3W 1H8