Today: Press Conference: Temporary, and undocumented workers launch campaign to demand Liberal govermnent’s labour law reform protects vulnerable and undocumented workers

Press Conference:


What: The Temporary Agency Workers Association is launching its campaign #stabilityanddignity to demand that Liberal govermnent’s labour law reform protects vulnerable and undocumented workers


When : November 9th, `10 am

Where : 4755 Vanhorne Suite 110

Who: The Immigrant Workers Centre/Temporary Agency Workers Association


The Temporary Agency Workers Association is holding a press conference to launch our campaign  #stabilityanddignity for temporary placement agency workers in Quebec. This year the Liberal party of Quebec has announced it will make major reforms to Quebec’s Labour code to change the Labour Standards.  This will be the first major reform of Quebec’s Labour code since 2002. We are calling for the Quebec government to make reforms that will protect the growing number of vulnerable, low-paid, and exploited workers in Quebec, not further their vulnerability because they are part of the growing use of temp-agencies or remain unprotected because of their immigration status.

Temporary Placement Agencies in Quebec have drastically because of the lack of regulation in Quebec. From 2009 to 2014, the employment services sector, which includes these agencies, created 75% more jobs than all other employment sectors combined.

Temporary Agency Workers Association which represent members who work and live with precarious status, or who work for large corporations and as permanent temps since 2011 has repeatedly called upon the government to regulate temporary placement agencies

If the labour standards are to protect all workers, we call on the Quebec government to do adopt the following in order to provide #stabilityanddignity for precarious workers:

1.      That all temporary agency workers be given permanent employment status after 3 months of continuous service for the same employer.

2.      Temporary placement agency workers are given the same salary as permanent workers for the same work.

3.      That all workers regardless of their status, have full access to Quebec services and be able to file complaints to the Commission of labour standards, equity and health, and safety. That Quebec grants undocumented workers the right to work.  

4.      That temporary placement agencies, and employers are considered co-responsible for respecting the labour standards and health and safety of workers. 

For interviews and media requests contact 

Jacques Diago (514)576-4927-Spokesperson for the Temporary Agency Workers Association

David Bachand(514)572-1246